On arrival at Monza on the Thursday of the race weekend, we entered the paddock for the first time to find the Red Bull Energy Station already alive with activity. We were introduced to the enthusiastic, dedicated Energy Station Team and the POTT pieces were un-packed for the very first time. Some time was spent to carefully choose the best location for each piece.

The coat-stand was given the pride of place at the top of the stairs at the entrance to the VIP first floor. Many eyes were drawn to the polished wheel as the base came into view as guests ascended the final few steps. Beyond the coat-stand, placed on a guest table was the brake disc solitaire game for all to play. Rumour has it that Mark Webber was seen playing it on Saturday evening! A lift of the head would bring the disc mirror into sight reflecting the gearbox desk-lamp sitting proudly on the bar. In the seating area towards the VIP terrace at the rear was the smaller desk lamp and the LED lamp. Daniel Ricciardo would often sit here to watch all the races with serious interest. Across the first floor and into the Team VIP area stood the exhaust lamp. There it stood, shining  across the roped off area. Beyond the lamp on the Team terrace was the polished exhaust in it's glass table shining brightly in the Italian sunshine. Finally, on the main dining table were the tableware pieces including the salt/pepper, napkin rings & coaster sets. These were even used in one of the main dinner table set ups. See Red Bull behind the scene photos here.

On Friday the guests and media grew more interested in the Collection. We spoke to interested clients, many of which had seen similar projects before, but nothing quite so complete and stylish. This was very encouraging to hear. We were introduced to Emanuele Melloni from Red Bull Italia. He was truly amazed by the pieces and brought different guests on each day of the weekend to see the items. He invited us to display the pieces in the Milan design week the following April (more can be read about this in a later news article). We had also been contacted by Kai Ebel from the German TV company, RTL. They had requested permission to film the collection on Saturday prior to qualifying. Permission was granted so filming was arranged. The footage was to be broadcasted to Germany & Austria prior to the race on the Sunday but they could not wait until Saturday to film the pieces so the salt & pepper set were taken outside the paddock for a  special pod cast filming session. During the weekend we found out it had appeared on Austrian and Australian TV along with various magazines and newspaper type media that were reporting the GP event.

All in all, a great preview to the F1 paddock guests and the worlds media.
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