To celebrate the launch of the PART of the Team range, we have created this competition. 5 years ago during the Italian GP we displayed our initial range of products in the EnergyStation. We have selected 25 components from our archives to give away & 3 more significant pieces for the 3 lucky winners.

How to enter.

To win one of 25 pieces of F1 car simply follow the TV & online footage of the Italian GP along with Social Media feeds. Simply retweet/share or post an image of one of our Red Bull pieces on Twitter or Facebook & you will be entered into a draw to receive one of the 25 F1 components we have selected. Please include our Facebook page link &/or our @racing_gold Twitter names. The #f1partcompetition is optional. There is no limit to number of times you can share an image but we ask that you keep to a maximum of 25 per day. After the competition closing time, we will select 25 random participants. These winners will be contacted for address details after the race weekend.



How to win one of the 3 special prizes?


From the retweets/posts over the weekend, we will select our 3 favourite & give these 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize status. Our decision is final. Details of these prizes will be shown on our social media pages over the race weekend.

What we are looking for:

Images of one of our Red Bull pieces at the Monza 2015 GP (from the Paddock Red Bull Energy Station) so keep your eyes open when the drivers are walking around or the commentators/team are on TV. Simply pause your TV/stream & take a photo of the screen.

Personal images that you have taken of our pieces (from 2010 to present)

Images that we may not have seen before. eg Ted Kravitz Tweeted a photo of our lamp in a Japanese shop window. (from 2010 to present)

Any other interesting images containing our work. (from 2010 to present)


Closing time Sunday 06/09/15 at 23:59.59


Thanks for playing. Good luck.

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To state your interest in a particular item or to place an order, please E mail us at

Part of the Team orders:

Like every car which competes, these pieces are unique. So, while the designs and styles are outlined here, each piece may be slightly different to those in the brochure. Every one will be numbered and come with life histories and certificates of authenticity.

About Racing Gold

John Haigh's passion for creating art from racing car parts started back in 1989. 20 years later, Racing Gold, founded by John and William Hood, manufacture bespoke high quality products from historic components which started life in the world of aviation & motor racing.

With the Red Bull "Part of the Team" collection, Racing Gold transforms Red Bull F1 racing car components into unique artworks with functional uses in the home or office.

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Enquiries:+44 (0) 845 430 9687

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Address: 26 - 28 Theobald Street, WD6 4SE.