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The ENZO skull-pture

The 5th sculpture (also a commissioned piece) is the imposing horse with paintwork by Jason Fowler JLF. This piece uses a life size skull, jaw with a skin/shell and even including the shoulders formed from an F1 airbox. 8 x Ferrari exhaust outlets hint at the upper rib cage. Cheeks extended on F1 wishbones & other F1 jewellery. Even the legality plank base is counter balanced with race used tungsten based ballast. Just so much fun to build. Soon be delivered to it's new stable.  


The 4th skull-pture was a secret commission.




The 3rd skull-pture is based on tiny Jaguar Skull.

A rusty Jaguar skull, peppered with 100 Concorde rivets, Moon Glow teeth & engineered with Jaguar F1 components! SOLD

The Senna Lion Skull-pture.

Skull #2 is a stunning Lion skull air-brushed in Senna's helmet colours.

In collaboration with Jason Fowler (Helmet painter to Lewis Hamilton) this impressive skull-pture stands out from our usual look but is stunning in every right. Held together with adjustable titanium F1 rose-joints & cantilever mounted on a carbon brake disc. SOLD


Wing ART

As an experiment, we decided to mix Paul Oz paint on real F1 parts. The result was stunning. ?????????? chilling stare applied to a rear wing from his ????????? F1 car. 

Available to purchase. Please enquire.


The Bull Skull-pture.

Combining our skills with them of Paul Oz & C6 Carbon.

The story of how this project came about is a lengthy one so I will be brief here. As most of you will know, Racing Gold has been working with Paul Oz now for quite some time. We racked our brains on how best to work together. At first, Paul painted an image of Sebastian's eyes directly onto a rear wing assembly that we created for him. This has been admired and on display in London Galleries since its creation. The next step was to create something a little more sinister. It wasn't long before a Genuine F1 Hans Device was acquired direct from Hans Performance - USA. Next came the skull followed by a pair of fighting horns.

Construction: From here, we sat down & worked out how we would put the pieces together. It wasn't long before we found a box of RB2 exhaust rings, an RB3 nut/ring & oil pump housing. So this gave us a perfect, ready made nose ring & a set of components to build a spine & skull joint. Next came the positioning of the horns. More F1 parts were needed here as we wanted the horns to be removable (in a similar way to the cars nosecone). So a pair of aluminium wing spacers & 4 titanium pins now secure each horn in it's modified aggressive pose. 

Textures: From here we needed to decide on the materials. The skull was sent off to C6 Carbon & Paul set about transforming the Hans Device into something normally found in the Natural History Museum. Yes, antique bone was the chosen effect. We were tasked with covering the horns with real rubber.....but we couldn't leave it there. As you do, we had a scrubbed Pirelli tyre just laying around so we set about removing some marbles to add to the liquid rubber we were applying. The results from all 3 departments were fantastic.

Details: We decided that all the metal components should appear like they have been restored so we ensured that items were polished & sandblasted to give the appropriate levels of contrast. Paul then aged the (perfect) carbon skull & even added a fighting graze to the left front of the nose. Paul couldn't resist adding a triple tally to the back of the skull. What could this represent? A triple Championship, maybe? We then decided that the Hans strapped looked too perfect so Paul set fire to them...but carefully left the FIA logo just visible.

Outcome: We were all 100% satisfied with the result & were in awe when we saw the piece in the photo studio. With the piece having been on display in the Red Bull drinks HQ in London then Hangar 7 in Austria, I don't think there could be a better outcome.



ART of Racing

Red Bull Racing & Toro Rosso held a Media/VIP party onboard the floating Energy Station during the run up to the 2011 Monaco GP. We displayed our current Collection along with 3 new pieces made using components from Sebastian Vettel's & Mark Webber's 2010 World Championship winning RB6 cars. This new range can be seen by contacting us directly by E mail.

 This is just a snapshot of our art side of the business.


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Like every car which competes, these pieces are unique. So, while the designs and styles are outlined here, each piece may be slightly different to those in the brochure. Every one will be numbered and come with life histories and certificates of authenticity.

About Racing Gold

John Haigh's passion for creating art from racing car parts started back in 1989. 20 years later, Racing Gold, founded by John and William Hood, manufacture bespoke high quality products from historic components which started life in the world of aviation & motor racing.

With the Red Bull "Part of the Team" collection, Racing Gold transforms Red Bull F1 racing car components into unique artworks with functional uses in the home or office.

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