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 For 2022, we are excited to announce our continued collaboration with Alyssa Smith Jewellery. Now available at www.houseofalyssasmith.com is the newly updated range of carbon charms. 




Visit www.alyssasmith.co.uk/carbon to get your hands on these lovely charms.


All carbon used in the Alyssa Smith Carbon Collection comes from the Red Bull Racing components used to produce the Racing Gold Car in a Table project.


With multiple access streams to fantastic race car, classic car & aircraft components we are happy to invite any requests for bespoke projects.

From a simple vintage aero desk lamp or a corporate carbon disc mirror through to a fully themed den, please contact us for a confidential and friendly chat.

If you have the imagination & the desire to create something quite unique . Please contact us for details of components available. From DC3 Dakota pilot chairs through to complete nose sections, we look forward to creating your dream feature.

We are happy to take on personal commissions and a few can be seen here. A pair of RB3 chimney wing speakers was a great project for a GP fan. No commissions are too small or too large. Hey, we've even made a bespoke fishing set up using 99% F1 components.



Racing Gold - Bespoke

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To state your interest in a particular item or to place an order, please E mail us at info@racinggold.co.uk

Part of the Team orders:

Like every car which competes, these pieces are unique. So, while the designs and styles are outlined here, each piece may be slightly different to those in the brochure. Every one will be numbered and come with life histories and certificates of authenticity.

About Racing Gold

John Haigh's passion for creating art from racing car parts started back in 1989. 20 years later, Racing Gold, founded by John and William Hood, manufacture bespoke high quality products from historic components which started life in the world of aviation & motor racing.

With the Red Bull "Part of the Team" collection, Racing Gold transforms Red Bull F1 racing car components into unique artworks with functional uses in the home or office.

Contact details


Enquiries:+44 (0) 845 430 9687

Fax:+44 (0) 845 430 9689

Address: 26 - 28 Theobald Street, WD6 4SE.