Racing Gold specialise in re-cycling the world’s most exciting junk and transforming it into engineering art. Once raced, de-commissioned or destroyed, we relish in transforming components into pieces of beauty.

Red Bull Racing P-ART of the Team.

As a perfect example, working directly with the Milton Keynes based Formula One Team, Racing Gold were able to produce rapid prototypes, followed by a physical range of products in a very short time. Whist the Team concentrated on producing their first race winning car, we focused on producing the artwork, photography & brochure in time to launch the project at the Italian Grand Prix.
We continue to work with incredible teams & people and follow the same ethos. Hassle free yet close relationships with physical old school design & prototyping processes. It’s a process that we love and allows the freedom of creativity. We hope you like some of the projects shown on this site and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

"We continue to work for some incredible people, most of which become friends rather than clients. Who’s next?"

John Haigh – Racing Gold.

Our designs can be challenging, technical, and sometimes controversial.

Racing Gold are so privileged to work with some of the finest technical partners in the country. We simply could not have achieved what we have achieved without the network of professionals that we work with. All are passionate about what they do and that is immediately obvious in every piece we create.
You will find our partners throughout this site and we cannot thank them enough for all their support.

Racing Gold was born from a simple idea. To recycle the most interesting forms of hidden engineering and transform them into something fantastic to explore & own. However, we pride ourselves on thinking out side of the box and one of a kind creations are as fun to build as creating a range of products.

The ultimate transformation of engineering junk into exotic art still has to be beautiful to look at.

We love creating pieces that don’t look obvious & telling the story about the parts origins are secondary to the appreciation of the design. For example, this clock uses 12 titanium stressed torsion bars, mounted to a rear bearing spacer that supports a once secretive kinetic damper flywheel. The clock hands are made from pitot sensor tubes, clad with crash structure carbon fibre and topped with a steering wheel control rotary knob. All from a Formula One car.​​​​​​​

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