McLaren Automotive

We had the pleasure of creating some special gifts using Gears from Lewis Hamilton’s race car for the McLaren Formula One Team.

More recently we embarked on a project with McLaren Automotive. The brief was to create a range of creative chairs from McLaren P1 road car seats. How could we say no. Four designs were short listed and we were given the green light to produce these exciting designs. 2 chairs were of a more corporate design, and the other 2 a little more abstract.

The Chassis Frame Chair

This design was to celebrate the triangulated chassis design found inside Bruce McLarens early race cars. Suspension pick up points replaced with seat mountings and supported on a wheel bearing, this interesting frame is incredibly strong yet attractive. Coated in a black/chrome stove baked lacquer with discreet McLaren logos hidden within the design, this chair is masterpiece in fabrication thanks to our technical partners FMS & Osprey Metal Finishers.

The Reclining F1/Road Chair

This chair was so much fun to design & manufacture. The concept was to create the perfect lounge chair that replicates the exact position as the road car. Ideal for reading or watching the race at the weekend. However... by simply pulling out the integral foot stool, the seat lowers to the position found in an F1 car. Raise your legs onto the stool and you can imagine you are in the F1 car that the McLaren P1 shares its DNA with. Its perfectly positioned for a snooze... not that the F1 drivers would agree. All trimmed in matching Alcantara with details taken from the P1 bodywork.

Other chairs were built for McLaren but were lucky to retain the reclining & frame chair. Please get in touch if you would like to view them at McLaren centre near you.  
This full size silhouette of the P1 rear profile, wraps around to create an incredible frame. Painted in house by their MSO facility, this is a one of kind.