Nicholas Mee

P-Arts range of products

Working closely with the team at Nicholas Mee & Company we designed a range of interesting products from Vantage race cars & historic vehicles. These products have decorated the original London showroom and now reside in the incredible Hertfordshire facility.

Creative meets historic.

Below are some of the designs from the initial P-Arts range.

Developed with involvement with the team at Nicholas Mee & Company, we were asked to design a series of interesting pieces of furniture from their retired Vantage racing car & a collection of historic & road used products. Below you will see the coat stand fashioned from 2 magnesium racing car wheels being separated by a race run carbon fibre prop-shaft. Hidden within the wheel is a cast iron racing brake disc adding interest & the much needed ballast to provide the correct centre of gravity. Working with the lightest materials in the industry makes everything more challenging but that’s why it’s so much fun.

Also here is an asymmetric racing seat plucked from a vintage race car & given a stunning re-trim then mounted on legs that you may recognise from the classic steering wheel design of the same period. A comfortable place to retire after a drive home from the track. Tables from engines & crankshafts followed along with smart phone docks set in branded brake callipers. One was sent to Aston Martins race driver, Darren Turner. Which then started a whole new relationship with Base Performance simulators & private works.