Paul Oz

Paul Oz Skull-pture range

Meeting Paul at Autosport International during our early years would truly change the direction of our business. Working with Paul is so much fun and we both love the attention to detail that each party brings to the table. Some of the craziest ideas are still on hold, but most are realised in these pieces.

The intimidating black carbon bull seen above was our first project together.

The details are mind blowing and are there are too many to list here so we will give you a brief run down here.

Skull wrapped in carbon fibre by C6 Carbon and flesh wounded by Paul Oz in Italian blood red.

  • Removable horns coated in rubber with genuine track marbles for texture.
  • Red Bull F1 car bearing ring irreversibly inserted into the skulls nostrils.
  • Ferrari supplied exhaust parts create the supporting neck vertebrae.
  • Mounted on an F1 spec Hans device, converted to bone by Paul Oz.

Enough said?


This piece was obviously designed to celebrate the USA Grand Prix of Texas. 

Brief overview:

  • Rust covered skull with integral riveted Texas Star.
  • Real bull horns coated in matt carbon fibre by C6.
  • Carbon camera pods & nostrils from Red Bull F1 car.
  • Integrated into front wing support & section of wing.

“Because in a split second.......”

Our second Ayrton Senna inspired piece was a powerful piece and one of our favourites.
A tiger skull split by Ayrton’s Williams wing end plate. Dark and the light separated by a thin line. The light side painted by Paul Oz in the iconic helmet yellow & the dark in gloss carbon by C6. Teeth, hand shaped from F1 gearbox shafts and mounted on a piece of Jabroc plank & period correct F1 tyre.

More images & videos of other Skull-ptures can be found around this site & hi-res images available upon request.