The Journey

Honestly. The journey has been so much fun.

From simply picking up the phone and cold calling 2 F1 teams, it’s hard to believe what an amazing experience that building Racing Gold has been. We have so many people to thank for trusting us to produce a product that reflects their recycling vision.
After building some basic prototypes, John Haigh contacted 2 F1 teams with his idea to recycle spare & raced components. One team invited John to their HQ and considered the proposition. Shortly afterwards John returned to select a few hundred components from the stores. After creating 3 more prototypes, the PART of the Team project was born. William Hood and John set about to create a full range of about 15 designs. The team chose their favourite & the project was given the green light by the team owner. Launching at Monza in 2009, the pieces attracted attention from worldwide journalists and was on live TV in Germany & other European countries.


During phases of the project, we have enjoyed many memorable events and family times. Looking back at the photos, it’s incredible how involved the families of small businesses  get. From trawling through a warehouse of F1 parts with your 10 year old son, travelling with the whole family to Milan for design week or hanging out at London party with a title sponsor with wife & friends. Hangar 7 was a fun family visit as was meeting Danial Ricciardo at Monanco.


Working with F1 Teams and heritage brands is challenging yet rewarding. Opening doors to new opportunities, working with other teams, delivering a great product on time & on budget without the restrictions of a larger corporation. Direct conversations means total control of the product through the design process right up to delivery. Working for F1 Authentics, McLaren & Asprey of London are just some examples of cross over business opportunities that are linked to the F1 circus.


Racing Gold have worked with some incredible companies & individuals, most of which have become close friends of the business & owners. Building relationships and working with the finest brands & brilliant people has been the most enjoyable part of creating an engineering based recycling facility.

From being a fan

Watching Senna & Prost seems like yesterday. As does watching Star Wars for the first time. Now, Racing Gold is proud to be involved with Formula One & has acquired the business that manufactured the original props for Lucas Films. Working on projects that are truly close to the heart makes life much easier. Dare we say it, fun. It beats working hey? Visiting Red Bull Racing recently brings home what a journey we have had together. Sebastian Vettel & Mark Webber started winning trophies just as we joined forces. Looking at the trophies proudly displayed in reception makes us feel very lucky to have been working with the team throughout their successful years.

The future

In the coming years, we will be expanding the factory space and moving premises. We are not sure of the details at the time of writing but we can assure everyone that the move will be positive & expand our opportunities & facilities.